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A diamond’s brilliance is primarily determined by its cut. An exquisitely cut diamond with perfectly symmetrical and aligned facets will reflect light optimally, resulting in unmatched brilliance. Immense expertise is needed to create facets with perfect symmetry that maximizes light performance and increases the signature sparkle of a diamond. All our diamonds are (Ex.Ex.Ex.)Plus diamonds.

Buying Tip

The cut is especially important for princess, oval and pear-shaped diamonds. With these shapes, an excellent cut will ensure a consistent, stunning sparkle and an even distribution of carat weight.

Color 0.18
Focus On Finding A Cut Grade Of (Ex.Ex.Ex)Plus Or Very Good For A Brilliantly Sparkling Diamond

Each carat can be eventually subdivided into “100 points” which allows extremely precise measurements to the 100th decimal place. It’s worth noticing that certain diamonds are cut exclusively with an emphasis on weight. They may look bigger but at the cost of brilliance and symmetry. At Divine Solitaires, we commend seeking a balance between cut and carat weight to guarantee a symmetrical dazzling diamond. Our diamonds weigh between 0.10 carat and 2.99 carat.

Buying Tip

When buying a diamond, choose a carat weight not just on the basis of size but also cut grade as it strongly affects the quality of your diamond

Color D
Colourless; Appears Completely White Under 10 Times Magnification And Pairs Well With Platinum, Palladium, And White Gold.

Diamonds exist on a scale of several shades, ranging from colourless to light yellow. These subtle differences are then graded on a colour scale from D (Colourless) to Z (Light Yellow).

Our diamonds range from D to K.

Buying Tip

If you are planning to set your diamond in a yellow or rose gold jewellery, it is a good bet to use “near colourless” diamonds as the warm colour of the metal makes the yellowness in the diamond a little less noticeable. But if you want the purest white diamond, select one that’s “colourless” and set it in white gold or platinum.

Color IF
No Surface Imperfections Or Inclusions; The Rarest Of All Diamonds.

As we have already seen, diamonds are formed by tremendous heat and pressure deep within the earth. This totally organic process eventually means that nearly all diamonds will contain certain internal inclusions or surface blemishes. Diamonds that are devoid of such characteristics are considered to have a higher clarity, which ranges from FL (Flawless) to I (Included). Our diamonds range from IF to S12.

Buying Tip

If you want to stay assured about your diamond about its stunning brilliance, a clarity grade of VVS2 or higher is recommended for all diamond shapes